About Sara

After graduating early from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, Sara moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University - Beasley School of Law. Although she applied to several law schools across the country, Sara's love for American history drew her to Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American democracy. At Temple Law, Sara honed trial advocacy skills that led her to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office ("DAO"). After completing an internship in 2004 and subsequently graduating Temple Law the following year, Sara joined the Bucks DAO as an Assistant District Attorney. 

While at the Bucks DAO, Sara specialized in the prosecution of sexual abuse of children and domestic abuse. Sara gave a voice to the most vulnerable victims while appreciating the enormous responsibility that comes with prosecutorial discretion. Sara also led the overhaul of the DAO’s first-time offender program for nonviolent crimes. 

In 2012, after the birth of her second child, Sara made the difficult decision to leave the Bucks DAO. However, Sara’s commitment to community service did not subside and Sara was appointed to the Upper Dublin School Board in February 2014. Sara was subsequently elected in November 2015 to a four (4) year term.

As part of her duties as a School Director, Sara serves as the Policy chair as well as a liaison between the Board and the Upper Dublin Education Association (the Teachers' Union).  Under Sara's leadership, the School District of Upper Dublin expanded its anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies for both students and employees to include gender identity and gender expression, and adopted a policy protecting transgender and gender expansive students.

Sara was also instrumental in resolving the contentious contract negotiation with the Upper Dublin Education Association in 2015.  One of her greatest accomplishments on the Board to date is improving the Board’s relationship with the Teachers' Union.  

Armed with her experiences in criminal justice and crafting policy for a successful school district, Sara is ready to apply her leadership and analytical skills to a new challenge.  As someone who listens to all stakeholders before taking action, Sara believes that progress comes through fostering relationships with people, even when viewpoints don’t always align.  As a principled and empathetic public servant, Sara is willing to work alongside anyone with a genuine desire to improve public policy for the common good.